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Beer Filter/Diatomite filtering machine

Case details

1.Beer diatomite filter 

2.Material: stainless steel 

3.CE certificate 

4.High quality, competitive price


1. Free installation, technical training

2. Reliable quality, durable in use

3. High efficient

4. Mirror polishing, elegant appearance

5. Easy to use, good service.  


We also supply water treatment equipment:

Design theory of water treatment equipment:


1). Input water quality: city tap water

2). Input water conductance: <150us/cm

3). Water production technical index:

  a. Output water flux: 0.5-10M³/h     Water temperature: 25℃

  b. Output water quality: Accord with National bottle drinking water standard GB17323-1998. (Including conductance <10us/cm)

2. Technical explanation:

1).This RO water treatment machine price adopts the most advanced Reverse Osmosis pure water filter technic. Its water production conductance rate generally less than 5us/cm, which precede the national standard GB17323-1998.The water made by this system is asepsis, non-granule and pure.

2) The RO membranes of this ro water treatment/UV water treatment/ozone water treatment adopt ESPA3-8040 of American Haide Int.,Its desalting rate can highly reach 98% and callback rate can be reach 50-75%, which are its special technical manner. Many pure watermanufacturers had proved this whole set system that the remove rate of germina in water, poisonous heavy metal, radionuclide, organic micro pollution can highly reach 99.99%, 95%, 99% and 95%. After removing the poisonous and harmful substance in water basically, many toxicological index, such asorganics, benzene, tetrachloride, pesticide, hydroxybenzene and plumbum, hydrargyrum, chrome, cadmium, uranium etc. radionuclide all are below the inspected limitation.

3. Technical process:

The whole ro water treatment/UV water treatment/ozone water treatment production line technical process:

Source water→ Source water pump→ Quartz sand filter → Active carbon filter→ PP sediment filter→20T/h RO (single grade) → Water supply Reverse osmosis technology is a modern high technology developed recently in China. Reverse osmosisis to seperate water from solution after it permeates the specially-made semi-transparent membrance through exerting a pressure that is higher than the osmosis pressure on the solution.

According to different osmosis pressures of various materials the process of reverse osmosis with a pressure higher than the osmosis pressure can be used to reach the purposes of separation, extraction, purification and concentration of a certain solution. It does not saves more energy than traditional process.

Reverse osmosis technology apply in electronic industry water, pharmaceutical industry water, chemical industry

process water, electric industry boiler feeding water, sea water and saline water desalization, purified drinking water and

other process water such as automobile, home appliance painting, coated glass, fine chemicals, cosmetic etc.


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