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100L-500L Beer Fermenters and BBT

Case details

Beer fermenters specification:

Volume: 100L-500L, (25% head space)

Inner–jacket (SUS304), TH=2.5mm;External-Jacket(SUS304), TH=2.0mm;Dish head (SUS304), TH= 2.5mm.

Insulation: PU-thickness: 80mm.;Glycol jacket: dimpled plate placed on cone and side. 

Cooling media: glycol water;60 degree cone on bottom;CIP arm with cleaning ball

Blow off arm with spunding valve  and pressure gauge;PVRV placed on the top of tank

Side manway: 280*380mm. ;Dry hops port on the top of tanks with cap, diameter is 6” (159mm)

Full sanitary sample valve;With Solenoid valve ;Drain arm diameter is 2"  

Leveling pad size: (legs diameter +2" and with 4holes 5/8"  ;PT100 Temperature sensor 

Glycol water inlet and outlet diameter is 1” NPT;Design pressure 0.2MPa; Working pressure 0.15Mpa.

Details as below:

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