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500L-3000L Fermentation tank & Bright Tank

Case details

500L-3000L beer brewery equipment fermentation tank and bright tank:

•Butterfly valves, sample valve, PRV

•Clamps and gaskets, pressure gauge

•Stainless steel legs with stainless leveling footpads

•Interior shell:304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm

•Exterior shell:304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm

•Interior and exterior finish polished to mirror finish

•Fully welded exterior shell

•60 degree cone bottom, with an average of 25% head space

•Rotating racking arm

•Side manway, shadowless

•Dual zone dimple cooling jackets(3 or more on large tanks)

•80mm Polyurethane insulation

•2'' CO2 blow off arm for maximum tank space utiliztation

•CIP arm and spray ball

•Sanitary tri-clamp connections

•Dry hop port 4-6''

The beer then ages and mellows in specific serving tanks for several weeks to achieve optimum taste and the ideal level of carbonation.






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