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Extra Tips on How to Make Beer at Home

2020/06/18 16:44
Secondary Fermenters
Earlier on, we mentioned the option to have your brew undergo a secondary fermentation process. This is especially suited for lagering, which is the method of storing beer for extended periods.
Secondary fermentation will help you remove the “trub”, which is a byproduct of the brewing process that may cause your drink to take on off-flavors.
Lagering in a kegerator or keg
For lagering purposes, you will want to rack your beer into a kegerator (our recommended kegerators), or a temperature-controlled lagering keg, such as a Cornelius keg. Many experienced brewers based on other guides opt to cut the dip tube in the keg in order to prevent the remaining yeast and trub from ending up in the serving keg.
At this stage, it is important to ensure that your beer remains at the lowest temperature that the yeast can still ferment at. For this reason, you will want to age your brew in a keg that will fit into your refrigerator.
Aging your beer in a keg provides the following benefits:
You can use the same keg for fermenting AND serving your beer
It is a cost-effective solution
Stainless steel construction makes kegs durable and easy to clean
Beer can be carbonated easily and safely
Easy dispensing
Keeps out light which can kill yeast
Easy to carry
Can be stored in a fridge
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