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1.1.1. Control system technology: Hesheng company products have been using the new version of the system. At present, the company has applied the sixth generation DCS distributed control system on some products. This technology can realize two-way automatic control of single tank single control and centralized touch screen control. It is simple and convenient to operate, and can solve the problem of manually manufacturing products due to the damage of the automatic control system. At present, the seventh generation industrial computer remote control technology is being introduced in some high-end products. The system will use Internet technology to achieve remote control, break the time and space constraints, and ultimately achieve the non-gap service with Sheng Company.
1.1.2. Refrigeration technology: There are copper tube refrigeration and plate-to-plate refrigeration units for choice, especially plate-to-plate refrigeration technology, which is better used in the same industry in China, with good refrigeration effect and low failure rate.
1.1.3 Heating technology: various heating methods coexist, such as electric heating pipe heating, electric steam heating, direct fire heating and other ways, to meet the needs of different customers, and we use various heating and saccharification technology will not produce burnt phenomenon.
1.1.4. Frequency conversion technology: Our wort filtration adopts a unique frequency conversion technology. This technology is transformed from the process of beer, which greatly accelerates the speed of beer filtration and greatly improves the efficiency of saccharification.
1.1.5 Brewing technology: On the basis of adopting German technology, we further optimize the process, develop unique patent technology and popularize its application. It is easier to learn and use than the old-fashioned process equipment. We can also provide a complete "Brewing Manual" and "Equipment Use and Maintenance Manual". Non-professionals can read it immediately. It is equipped with common problem solving methods.